Admissions FAQ


  1. Who is eligible to apply to IVUP?

    You must be a first-time freshmen to apply. A first-time freshman is a student who has earned no college credit after the summer immediately following high school graduation.  Courses taken at a community college along with high school courses do not exclude you from being a first-time freshmen.

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  2. How do I apply for admission?

    You must apply to both, SDSU and Imperial Valley College.

    SDSU uses the California State University admission application available online through the CSUMentor Web site . An application filing fee must accompany your application.

    Once you have been admitted to SDSU, you will be instructed to apply to Imperial Valley College. 

  3. How do I access CSUMentor online application?

    To begin the CSUMentor online application, log on to CSUMentor and select Apply Online from the menu. Select the Undergraduate Admission Applications link and follow the on-screen instructions. You will then be directed to create a free CSUMentor account, which will give you access to the application portion of the site. You should view the CSUMentor online application help tutorial at any time during the application if you need additional assistance navigating the application.

  4. When do I apply for admission?

    CSU undergraduate applications are only accepted during the October 1 - November 30 fall filing period each year for admittance the fall of the following year. SDSU recommends that you apply as early as possible since late applications will not be accepted. It is very important that you thoroughly and accurately complete the information requested. Offers of admission will be rescinded if SDSU criteria are not met after the final review of transcripts. SDSU may request additional information prior to making an admission decision.

  5. How much is the application fee? How do I pay it?

    The fee to submit the CSUMentor online application is $55. The preferred method of payment is through CSUMentor at the time of application. A check or money order may also be sent to the SDSU Cashier's Office. California residents who are unable to pay the application fee may apply for a fee waiver through CSUMentor. You will be notified if you do not qualify for the fee waiver as soon as the application is submitted. Please note that an application will not be processed if the application fee is not received.

  6. Is it better to apply early? If I do, will I hear back earlier?

    All applications are reviewed equally and thoroughly after the November 30 deadline. There is no benefit to applying earlier. SDSU makes every effort to notify you quickly after decisions have been made, usually by March for fall admission.

  7. Whom should I contact if I have questions about the application process?

    You should contact Barbara Romero at , or in person at the Administration Building located at the SDSU, Imperial Valley Campus. 

  8. How do I know if I am considered a California resident?

    There are two ways to determine if you are eligible for resident classification

    1. If on the residency determination date, you are 19 years of age or older then to be eligible for resident classification, you must have established and maintained permanent residence in California at least one year prior to the residence determination date.

    2. If on the residency determination date you are under the age of 19, you are then considered a minor.  Residency determination of minors is based on the residency status of your parents.

    Proof of residence requires evidence of both physical presence and intent to remain indefinitely in California at least one year before the residence determination date. The SDSU residence determination dates are September 20 and January 25 each year. In addition, other rules and exceptions apply and can be found on the SDSU Office of the Registrar Web site.

  9. When do I need to send my transcripts? Should I send them with my application?

    You do not need to send transcripts with the application.  You must send official transcripts, with fall grades, by February 1st.  Please send transcripts to SDSU, Imperial Valley Campus, 720 Heber Avenue, Calexico, CA 92231 to the attention of Barbara Romero.

  10. How do I calculate my college prep GPA?

    All grades earned in the 15-unit comprehensive "A-G" pattern of college preparatory courses taken in 10th-12th grades are used to calculate your grade point average. Honors points for grades of A, B and C will be awarded for a maximum of eight semester courses taken in 11th and 12th grades, including up to two AP courses, or honors courses with 11th or 12th grade content taken in 10th grade. Use CSUMentor's online GPA calculator to help determine your GPA.

  11. What does SDSU look for in making freshman admissions decisions? Does SDSU consider extra-curricular activities, letters of recommendation or personal statements?

    Freshman applicants are ranked using an eligibility index which is based on a combination of your grade point average and scores on either the College Board's Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT or the ACT. SDSU does not accept letters of recommendation or a personal statement during the undergraduate application process.

  12. Do I need to take the SAT or ACT to apply? What is the minimum SAT or ACT score I need?

    Yes, you are required to take either the College Board's Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or the ACT by November 2016. There is no minimum SAT or ACT score required for admission. However, you are strongly encouraged to take these exams very seriously as these determine your eligibility index and might exempt you from taking remediation courses.  Freshman applicants are ranked using the CSU eligibility index which combines the grade point average and SAT/ACT test scores. Students who do not meet a minimum CSU eligibility index of 2900 using the SAT of 694 using the ACT will be denied admission.

  13. When is the latest date I can take the SAT and still apply?

    If you are applying for Fall 2017 admission, November 2016 is the last month to take the College Board's Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) or the ACT. Make sure you indicate SDSU as a destination for your scores when you take the test. SDSU code for the SAT: 4682. SDSU code for the ACT: 0398.
  14. Does SDSU accept Advanced Placement credits?

    SDSU grants credit for passing scores on The College Board's Advanced Placement (AP) examinations, and on certain tests in the College-Level Examination Program. SDSU also grants credit for locally administered "credit by examination" tests. A maximum of 30 units will be allowed for credit earned through examination (excluding Advanced Placement). AP exam reports and passing scores are required in order to obtain college credit for AP high school courses taken. Additional details in each case are outlined in the University Policies section of the SDSU General Catalog.

  15. I am a high school student taking a class at a community college. Do I have to submit a separate transcript if my high school is posting the grade on my high school transcript?

    College courses listed on high school transcripts will not be considered official. A separate, official college transcript must be sent for any type of college course taken during high school. If you are admitted to SDSU, you must request that official transcripts, bearing the college letterhead, be sent directly to SDSU's Office of Admissions electronically.

  16. I applied to SDSU, San Diego Campus, but now wish to attend SDSU, Imperial Valley Campus instead. What do I need to do?

    We have a limited space of only 100 students for IVUP. Provisional admission letters will be sent first to those students that applied to SDSU-IV.  We will wait for the intent to enroll forms to determine if there is any space available to allow students to transfer from SDSU, San Diego Campus.  If space is available, you will be notified in mid to late May.

    In order for us to know you are interested in transferring your application from the SD campus to the IV campus, you must send a written request via email to Miriam Castanon ().  You also need to send official high school transcripts along with SAT/ACT scores.

    Your written request will then forwarded to the IVUP admissions office.  If you selected a major other than Criminal Justice, History, Liberal Studies, Public Administration, Psychology, or Spanish you must indicate in the email which of these six majors you would like to do.