Current IVUP Student
Current IVUP Student

Once again, congratulations on being admitted as an IVUP student.  In this section, you will find additional information regarding the partnership. Remember that you are an IVUP student, which means you are a San Diego State University, Imperial Valley (SDSU-IV) and an Imperial Valley College (IVC) student.  You have the advantage of having access to all the facilities, services, programs, scholarships, faculty and staff of both institutions.
For the first two years, your freshman and sophomore years, you will be taking courses and paying fees to both institutions.  Once you become a junior, all your courses will be at SDSU-IV.


You will be automatically registered for your courses during the first two years of your program. This means that you will not have to register for the courses yourself and will not have to worry about “crashing” a class or be on a waiting list. You will be given and will follow the Major Academic Plan (MAP) for your major. You will have to take all courses as indicated in this MAP in order to successfully complete the bachelor’s degree and graduate in four years.
  • Sample two-year MAP for all majors.
    • Your schedule may be different than the sample MAP if you have remediation courses pending or you have taken AP credit.
    • You must submit AP scores no later than July prior to starting at SDSU and IVC, in order to determine your schedule. Please refer to Advanced Placement Test Scores for additional information.
  • You will take 6 units at SDSU-IV and approximately 9 units at IVC each semester.
  • During your freshman and sophomore years, you will attend SDSU-IV on Tuesdays and Thursdays and you will attend IVC on Mondays and Wednesdays and possibly Fridays.
  • Each class will meet twice a week. If you have AP credit and take other courses, you might have different schedules.
  • In addition to your regular class schedule, you will also need to attend IVUP Seminars as scheduled during the semester. These are mostly held on Fridays.

As an IVUP student, you will have to make a commitment to the responsibilities as outlined in the IVUP Student Agreement.