Dual Application Form - You can use this form if you are applying to San Diego State University in San Diego and are interested in applying to IVUP. You will only pay one application fee.

  • This form can only be completed from October 1st to November 30th.
  • You will be given a decision letter during March.
  • You must complete are requirements from both schools (transcripts, ACT/SAT scores, etc)

REDIRECT FORM - You can use this form if you applied to San Diego State University, San Diego (SD) Campus but decided that you want to attend the Imperial Valley (IV) Campus instead.
The Imperial Valley University Partnership accepts 100 students every fall semester. Your request to redirect your application to the IV Campus will be considered after it is determined that there is space available. This form must only be completed if student did not submit a Dual Application Form.

  • You must complete this form and submit it to the IVUP Office located in the Administration Building of SDSU-IV in Calexico, CA (720 Heber Ave., Calexico, CA).
  • You will be notified if your redirect request was approved after May 15th.
  • Along with this form, please submit your official high school transcript (in its original sealed envelope) with fall grades.
  • Please keep in mind that you must continue to fulfill all other requirements for admissions, such as submitting SAT/ACT test scores and taking the ELM/EPT exams (last exam is in May).
  • Because SDSU-IVC’s first-time freshman program, called Imperial Valley University Program (IVUP), is in partnership with Imperial Valley College, in addition to fulfilling all requirements as indicated, you also have to apply to Imperial Valley College. To learn more about IVUP, please go to “About IVUP”.