How and When to Apply to SDSU

How and When to Apply to SDSU

SDSU uses the California State University common admission application through the CSUMentor Web site. An application filing fee of $55 must accompany your application.

It is very important that you thoroughly and accurately complete the information requested. Offers of admission will be rescinded if the information you report on your application does not match your final transcript grades, therefore making you ineligible to attend SDSU. SDSU may request additional information prior to making an admission decision.

Applications Filing Period

CSU undergraduate applications will be accepted only during the filing period.

Admission applications are only accepted for the fall semester
The admission filing period is Oct. 1 - Nov. 30

Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships each require an application that is separate from the CSU admission application. This office does not automatically send you information when you apply for admission to the university.

If you require financial aid or would like to apply for a scholarship, go to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Web site or contact the office directly to receive its application, information and filing deadline dates. Do not wait until you are admitted to SDSU to apply. Early application is to your benefit!

Use CSUMentor to Plan for College Early

The CSUMentor Web site is designed to help you through each phase of the college planning process. Start planning at least two or more years before it is time for you to submit an application.

Using CSUMentor, you can:

  • Plan for college as early as middle school to begin meeting CSU admission requirements.
  • Use the "High School Planner" to help you plan and track your high school courses to meet the CSU high school subject requirements.  All coursework saved to your High School Planner will automatically fill in the corresponding sections on your CSUMentor online application.
  • Find answers to common questions about SDSU in "Ask an Expert"
  • Obtain college financing information and apply for Financial Aid
  • Apply to SDSU