I Have Applied

Fall 2017 First-Time Freshmen Applicants

The following information is provided for first-time freshmen who have applied to San Diego State University for the Fall 2017 semester.  (If you have not yet applied, application procedures are available at the “I Want to Apply” section of this website.  Please note that this site does not indicate proof of application.

Thank you for submitting your application for admission to San Diego State University, Imperial Valley Campus for the Fall 2017 semester.  We are pleased that you have decided to apply to our campus.  Over the next few months, each application received will be carefully reviewed. Initial admission decisions will be based on the information you provided on your application and the academic qualifications of the applicant pool. Notices of admission will be sent in March 2017.

What to expect next? You should expect a letter by mail, confirming that we have received your application for admission. 

In the meantime, there are steps you can take to make sure you have a smooth admissions experience.

  1. Review all information in our Resources Menu to the right.
  2. Submit official High School Transcripts (in its original sealed envelope)
  • On or before February 1st - Submit your official high school transcripts with fall grades posted (If your fall semester ends after February 1st, we will wait for your fall grades to be posted and to receive your transcript. However, you must request your registrar to mail your transcript to us as soon as transcripts with fall grades are available at your high school).
  • On or before June 30th - You will need to send a final set of transcripts with spring grades and graduation posted by June 30th.
  1. Request SAT and/or ACT Scores to be sent to SDSU no later than February 1st .

    SAT and/or ACT Scores

    Scholastic Aptitude Test of The College Board (SAT Reasoning) and/or the American College Testing Program (ACT) scores are needed for admission determination and placement in English and mathematics.

    If you did not indicate SDSU and IVC as destinations for your scores when you took your test, you must contact the testing agency to request the electronic scores to be sent to SDSU and IVC. Please write, call or log into the website of the appropriate testing agency listed below.

    For your SAT results contact:
    The College Board SAT Program

    • There is no separate code for SDSU, Imperial Valley Campus
    • You can also use 3594 to be sent to all CSUs
    • For detailed information regarding how to send your SAT scores go to sat.collegeboard

    For your ACT results contact:

    • There is no separate code for SDSU, Imperial Valley Campus
    • For detailed information regarding how to send your ACT scores go to actstudent

  2. Create your SDSU WebPortal account.

    1. Click on the link above and go to the “Create New Account”. Click on the link that says “Don't know your RedID?”
    2. You will need to enter your Social Security number and Name, and then press “Submit”.
    3. At the bottom of the screen you will see your RedID number.  This will be your identification number at SDSU.  Make sure you write this down and eventually memorize it. 
    4. Go back to create your SDSU WebPortal and enter your RedID and password.

  3. Keep e-mail and mailing address updated using the WebPortal.
  4. Review the Required Testing information for freshmen applicants. The California State University (CSU) requires that all first-year freshmen fulfill the Entry-Level Mathematics (ELM) and English Placement Test (EPT) requirements. You must fulfill these testing requirements no later the May 2017 test date, or you will not be allowed to register for fall classes.
  5. Attend the Pre-Admission Orientation.  This orientation will be on January 2017, and it will be for you and your parents.  You will obtain valuable information regarding financial aid, scholarships, ELM and EPT placement exams, and other essential information that will assist you with your transition to the university. Detailed information will be available in early January.

Please remember that all courses listed on the admission application as in-progress or planned must be completed with grades of C or higher by the end of the spring 2017 term. If you earn a grade of “D” or “F” during your senior year, or have a GPA below a 2.0, you will not be admitted. 

There are some exemptions to earning a “D”.  If you take a yearlong course (two semesters) in Math, Chemistry and a language other than English, you can have a D in the first semester, but must have a C or better in the second semester to validate the year.  This does not apply to any other courses.

If you do not obtain a grade of “C” or better in one of your A-G courses, ask your counselor about credit recovery as soon as you can (mostly sophomore and junior years).  You can complete this requirement through your high school or at Imperial Valley College.