A scholarship is a monetary award given to outstanding students to foster developing talents and academic excellence, and in recognition of leadership and outstanding achievement. SDSU scholarship funds are provided by private donors, corporations, professional associations, and SDSU alumni. Some scholarships may be awarded based on financial need.

As an IVUP student, you can apply for scholarships that are available at both, San Diego State University and Imperial Valley College.

IVUP Scholarships

The following are scholarships that are available only to IVUP students.

  • SDSU-IV Dean IVUP Scholarship*; one of $1,000.
    • 3.50 GPA or higher
    • Student must be provisionally admitted to IVUP
    • Full-time enrollment for Fall 2015
    • Personal Statement/Essay no more than 500 words
    • Deadline to apply May 31

  • IVC President IVUP Scholarship*; one of 1,000.
  • Personal Statement/Essay - no less than 250 and no more than 500 words
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Deadline to apply May 31
  • ICOE Superintendent IVUP Scholarship*; one of $1,000.
    • 3.50 GPA or higher
    • Student must be provisionally admitted to IVUP
    • Full-time enrollment for Fall 2016
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • Resume
    • Unofficial transcripts
    • Personal Statement/Essay a approximately 500 words
    • Deadline to apply May 31

*Students can apply for all three of the above scholarships (Dean’s, President’s and Superintendent’s scholarships), buy may only be awarded one.

    SDSU Scholarships

    For specific SDSU scholarship requirements and applications visit the SDSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Web site.  Here you will be able to search for scholarships based on your major or you can select “All Majors” to see a listing of scholarships available to SDSU students regardless major. 

    Keep in mind that scholarship deadlines vary and that new scholarship opportunities are added to the website throughout the year.  You should regularly check the website to learn about continuing and upcoming scholarship opportunities, application and essay writing tips, resources , and more.  You should also search the links to outside scholarship opportunities as there are many other scholarships that you may qualify for. 

    IVC Scholarships

    For Imperial Valley College scholarships visit scholarships.  For specific information, please review the IVC Foundation Scholarship brochure.

    There are other scholarships that you might want to consider, that are not listed on the SDSU scholarship website.

    • Alicia Mendoza, Emily Wogaman and Alejandro & Florencia Nogales Endowed Scholarship.
      This scholarship is available once a year.  There is only one application for all three of these scholarships, as you can only received one of them.  In total, there are eight $2,000 scholarships awarded.   If you are awarded this scholarship, you will receive $1,000 during fall and $1,000 during spring.  Some of the eligibility requirements are as follows:
      • Must be a Calexico High School graduate
      • Open to students of all majors
      • Must be low to moderate income
      • GPA 2.75 or above for undergraduates; GPA3.25 or above for graduates
      • Full-time status required (12 units for undergrads; 6 units for graduates

    For additional information please contact Valorie Ashley at .

    • IME Becas
      Our campus works closely with the Mexican Consulate in Calexico.  They offer several scholarships (IME Becas) to SDSU students.  Some of the eligibility requirements are as follows:
      • Mexican or from Mexican Origin
      • Enrolled in College or University
      • Imperial County High School Graduate
      • GPA 3.0 or higher

    Free Scholarship Search Sites on the Web

    Besides the scholarships already mentioned, there are many other scholarships available.  You should search for local and national scholarships.  An excellent source for local scholarships is your high school daily bulletin.  You can find these bulletins on your schools websites.  You can also find local and national scholarships

    Below are some examples of other free websites where you can search for scholarships on your own.  Researching and applying early can result in cash for college!

    • College Board scholarship search
    • All PDF manuals online in one place for free.
    • SDSU Alumni Association
    • The Elks National Foundation
    • The Enrique S. Camarena Educational Foundation
    • The Gates Millennium Scholars Program
    • Law school scholarship application